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Grocery & Restaurant Locator for low-protein metabolic diets, powered by you.

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That serve low-protein entrees or acccomodate low-protein diners without fuss.

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Find new products and brands near you.

Powered by you

Add stores, products, and restaurants to improve the resource for all users.

GO LOW PRO Features

Designed to allow you to better manage your diet, and your life, while on the go.

Focused on you

Uses your location to find locations near you. Filter by restaurant/store/brand to easily find what you need.

Designed for Low-Pro

Gluten-free is great, vegetarian is fine, but this app is designed just for low-protein diets to manage metabolic disorders

Brands you know

Seeded with products by the members of the, we help you find the products your diet requires

Powered by You

Share new restaurants & stores complete with product details & pictures. The more you use the app, the better it gets.


Save room in your luggage: search by postal code and find locations near your destination to pick up low-pro supplies.

Built by people who know

Brought to you by National PKU News, the developers of We know what it's like to live with a low-protein diet. We're here to help.

GO LOW PRO for PKU, MSUD, Tyrosinemia, HCU
and any other metabolic disorder that requires a low-protein diet.

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Thank You to Our Funders

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is the key to expanding the reach of

GO LOW PRO is designed for anyone on a low-protein diet for a metabolic disorder/inborn error of metabolism. This includes PKU, MSUD, HCU, Tyrosinemia and many others. While each of these disorders is slightly different, the low-protein diet is an essential part of treatment for all of them. By using one app for all low-protein diets, we concentrate information in a single source, making it a richer resource for all of us.

The same goes for who uses Go Low Pro, and where. If everyone worldwide uses one app to find, mark, and review low-protein options, that app is richer and more useful to each of us, no matter where we live. We launched GO LOW PRO in North America, because that's where PKU News is based. We added more than 30,000 stores and restaurants based on our network in the Partnership for PKU. But we're not stopping there: the goal is to make GO LOW PRO a resource for families, teens, and adults on a low-protein diet who travel for work, move to new areas, or vacation internationally, wherever they go. We need partners in other countries to help us identify & locate the following:

  • Grocery store chains in your country/region with more than 10 locations
  • Common low-protein brands you can find in stores
  • Restaurant chains that have low-protein items on their menus (cauliflower steaks, creative veggie entrees, dairy-free cheeses etc)
  • Restaurant chains that can acccommodate low protein diners with substituions (and don't charge you extra for doing so).

** Note: individual users can always add a restaurant or store they find in their daily lives. We want to work with partners who can help collect the information above so we can load it in the the app ahead of time, jump-starting the effectiveness of the app.

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